Entrée Soups and Salads

Looking for a new twist on classic meal ideas? Ingles Entrée Soups and Salads are just the choice for you. Our chefs have created a wonderful blend of salad choices and delicious soup options that are perfect as either the kickoff or the main course of any meal.

Hot Buffets

Looking for a great way to set up a meal? Let us do all the work for you! Our Hot Buffets come with a delicious centerpiece dish accompanied by side dishes selected by our chefs to provide a complementary mix of flavors,

Party Hors d’oeuvres

Ideal for picking and snacking, our Party Hors d’oeuvres give you and your guests something to enjoy during your next event. Our chefs are dedicated to creating decadent flavor combinations, such as our Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto or our Bacon Wrapped Prawns.

Party Platters

Planning that next big get together? Be sure to pick up some of our appetizing Party Platters. Perfect for any occasion, large or small, our platters are sure to keep you and your guests coming back for more.

Ready to Eat Boxed Meals

Perfect for quick lunches, tailgates, or outdoor parties, our Ready to Eat Boxed Meals offer a convenient and delicious catering solution. At Ingles, we provide wide variety of meal choices to satisfy the pallets of our unique and valued customers.


Wraps have all the utensil-free convenience of a sandwich, while offering something different. At Ingles, we use crispy, fresh vegetables and the finest freshly sliced meats and cheeses to deliver an easy, delicious lunch or dinner option.

Green Salads

Perfect for kicking off any meal, our Green Salads are sure to pique anybody’s appetite. At Ingles, we are dedicated to providing you with the freshest of leafy-greens, and our Green Salads are full of a variety of different fresh lettuces to ensure a delicious mingling of flavors.

Crusty Breads

We love bread! We took our time baking these delicious varieties of breads. Only the very best quality for your family and friends! The bread you are about to enjoy choosing has been made using only the best ingredients. The baking methods follow time-honored European traditions and techniques. The extra time and care we take creates exceptional rustic bread with more flavor, a richer color, a chewy, moist texture, and crisp crust.


Fresh is key when it comes to our beverages. Whether it’s fresh squeezed juice or Fresh-Brewed Coffee, we believe in serving refreshments that meet the standards we’ve set for our food — delicious and fresh in every sip.

Decadent Indulgence

The final exclamation point to any successful catered occasion is a dessert that puts a smile on everyone’s face. At Ingles, we have a mouth-watering array of delicious desserts to cap off your special event. From decadent cakes to gourmet cookies, we provide the final course to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Chef’s Kitchen Video Series

The Chef’s Kitchen Videos series, starring all of the Ingles Chef’s Kitchen chefs, serves up recipes and tips from our kitchen. This video series co-hosted by Josh Michael and others takes you through some of our chefs’ favorites. They are fun, fresh and easy recipes to help you learn to whip up healthy meals at home while saving time and money. This series is being released online by our renowned platform, The Ingles Table. We hope you enjoy!